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Fundamentals Of Computer Hardware

Hello Guys, welcome back to my new post labeled with "Fundamentals of Computer Hardware". In this post we will see the different parts of physical devices and also we will gather information. Hardware is very essential part in computer. A Physical Component of a Device is called as Hardware. you can also find other good definition by doing google. A hardware element to which we can touch and sense. before starting About the hardware part , first we will see the abbreviation of COMPUTER.

C- Commonly
O- Operating
M- Machine
P- Particlarly
U- Used
T- Technology
E- Education
R - Research

Now Let's See the Internal Components of CPU(Central Processing Unit).

  1. Mother Board
  2. CPU-Processor
  3. RAM
  4. Hard Disk
  5. SMPS

Mother Board

There are four types of Mother Board in Market. 
  1. AT-->        Advance Technology
  2. ATx-->      Advance technology Xtended
  3. BTx-->      Balance Advance technology Xtended
  4. MBTX--> Micro Balance Advance Technology Xtended
Note: AT & ATx is now out-dated

Now Let's have a look on Internal Components of Mother Board.
CPU-Socket-> CPU Socket is used to install processor. There are two types of CPU Socket. one is with-Pin and other is Pinless.
Memory Slots-> It used to install RAM(Random Access Memory). Basically they provide two RAM Slots.
Extension Slots/PCI-> Peripheral Component Slot
                                    For Example: TV Tuner, LAN Card(NIC/Ethernet), Sound Card, External                                                                    VGA Card
PCI Slots
AGP Slots-> Accelerate Graphic Ports, where we use Graphics Card.
AGP Slot

Micro Slots-> It is used to install AMR (Audio Modem Razor) Card
AMR Slot
BIOS-ROM-> Basic Input Output System-Read Only Memory is nothing But Programmable ICs
CMOS-Battery-> It is used to maintain Date, time and Password. It has only 1.5v of Power.
I/O Ports->  Ii contains more ports i.e, PS/2 Connector is used to connect Mouse and Keyboards, 9 Pin Serial Connector is used to connect Networking Device, VGA connector contains 15 pins used to connect Monitor, LTP connector(Line Print Terminal) 25 pins used to connect Printer is also known as Parallel Connector. USB Connectors is used to connect External Devices, RJ45 connector is used to connect Internet or Computer to Computer Communication. 3 Jacks is used for Mic, Headphones and Speaker.

I/O Ports
So These are the basic components that we have discussed here.We will update this post every time when we got more information. So please follow  my blog for latest information.
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