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Java Programing language History

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History Of Java
  • James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton Initiated the Java language project in late 1991.
  • Java was originally designed for developing software for network consumer, electronic devices such as TV SETUP BOX.
  • The Language was initially called OAK. OAK is a tree that stood outside gosling’s office.
  • It went by name green later, and was later renamed by Java.

OAK -> Green Project -> JAVA
The name JAVA has chosen just because of hot-hot matching. Language is also hot in market and also coffee is hot. There is no abbreviation for JAVA. Java Development has just chosen this name. The name java has specially doesn't have any meaning rather it refers to the hot, aromatic drink coffee.  
This is the reason java programming language icon is hot coffee cup.
JAVA Released Date
  • Sun Microsystem released the first public implementation as java 1.0 in jan 23, 1996
  • Later they continuously enhancing java language with by adding new features to meet industry requirement.
  • Every new requirement released in market with new version.
Java Version History
  • The first version of java is 1.0 and the latest version of java is 1.8
  • Java language has alias name that is also called code name.
  • Every version has code name but from 1.8 onwards there is no code name or alias name for java language. Oracle company stopped this code name culture.
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