Monday, 3 April 2017

What is File Server Resource Management in Windows Server 2012?

File Server Resource Management  is intended to act as a capacity Management Solution for your Windows Server 2012. File Server Resource Management Provides a robust set of tools and capabilities that allows you to effectively manage and monitor your server's storage capacity.

Functionalities of FSRM (File Storage Resource Management)

  • Storage Quota Management
  • File Screening Management
  • Storage reports Management
Storage Quota Management: 
Storage Quota management is a component that allows you to create, manage and obtain information about quotas that are used to set storage limits on volume or folders (and its content). By defining thresholds, you can send email notification, log an event, run a command or generate reports when approach or exceeds a quota. Quota management is also allows you to create and manage quota templates to simplify the quota management process.

File Screening Management:
File Screening Management provides a method for controlling the types of files that can be saved on file server. Whenever users attempt to save unauthorized files, File Screening can block the process and notify the administrator to allows for proactive management. 

Storage Reports Management:
Storage Reports Management is a component that allows you to schedule and configure storage reports about file usage on a file server.

These Reports provides information regarding following :
  • Quota Usage
  • File Screening Activities
  • Files that may negatively affect capacity management, such as large files, Duplicate files or unused files.
  • List and filter files according to owner, file group, or Specific file property.
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