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Frequently used Terminology in Networking by NetworkingGeeks

In this post we are going to take a look about networking devices like What is HUB?, What is SWITCH? and What is ROUTER?. The all of three devices are very essential part to build a network for any organization. But before that, we will also take a look of Types of networks and other network terminology.

Types of Network:
LAN: LAN is associated with Local Area Network. It operates within a limited geographical location that provides full time connectivity to local services. ex- Campus area network.

MAN: Man is associated with Metropolitan Area Network. It spans within a city and provides a full time and part connectivity.

WAN: WAN is associated with Wide Area Network and operates over a large geographical location and provides full time and part time connectivity.

Media: It is a communication channel using which system will communicate.
There are two types of media. they are:

  • Guided
  • Un-Guided
Guided: If we can see the media physically we will call it as guided media.
Ex- Cables.
Un-Guided:  If we can not see the media physically, we call it as un-guided media.
ex- Wireless, infrared, Bluetooth.

Network Devices Small details with definitions 

NIC (Network Interface Card):
The Network Interface care is frequently called as NIC. It forms an Interface between the networked device (computer) and the Ethernet (LAN).

MAC Address: A Media Access Controller/ code is a unique identity assigned to Network Interface card for communication on the physical network segment.

HUB: It is an interconnecting device which contains multiple ports to connect multiple systems in a network. It is generally used to connect all devices on network so that they can communicate with each other. It always do broadcasting.

  • It is called as non- intelligent device
  • It doesn't maintain MAC Address Table.
  • It performs Broadcasting method. That means one to all communication including sender.

Note: We are using NV-RAM(non volatile- RAM) for networking Devices. But there is no NV-RAM inside HUB that's why it is non-intelligent device.

SWITCH: Like HUB, It is also used to connect all devices on a network so that they can communicate with each other. But first it will do flooding and from second time onwards it will do uni-casting. Switch is an interconnecting device which also contains multiple ports for connecting multiple system in a group.

  • It is an intelligent device
  • It maintains MAC List.
  • It performs multi-casting/ uni-casting.
  • It contains NV-RAM.

ROUTER: It is a an intelligent device network device that is use to connect different LANs  available in different geographical area. 

  • It contains MAC Routing Paths
  • It contains NV-RAM.
  • Provides uni-cast One to One Communication.

Routers Contains Two types of ports:
A> Serial Ports
B> Ethernet Ports.

Operating System: An Operating System is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with computer software. there are two types of Operating System :

  • Client OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and others.
  • Server OS: Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, RedHat and more.

Our next topic is IP Addressing. IP addressing little bit tough topic so pay more attention then it will be easy to understand. Thank you to be with us. Keep visiting our blog for latest Tech Updates.
Thank you Smartyy Sunny(SmartiesGeeks)

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