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What is BIOS-ROM

Hello Guys, in previous hardware topic we have seen internal components of CPU and as well as MOTHERBOARD. From That list today we will see a very important component of MOTHERBOARD is BIOS-ROM. BIOS-ROM is very essential component of MOTHERBOARD and plays vital role. We can also say, without BIOS-ROM we can not think about computer so guys let's have a look of BIOS-ROM.

BIOS-ROM (Basic Input Output System- Read Only Memory): It is an IC circuit which contains complete system hardware information and it is permanent memory Once stored will not be erased. It is also called as Non-volatile memory or non-erasable.  
When we power on he system, BIOS will activate first and generates a signal called POST and BSL.

POST- Power On Self Test & BSL- Boot Strap Loader
This signal is going to verify all hardware component inside the CPU. After getting confirmation from the signal called POST. BIOS generates another signal is called BSL (Boot Strap Loader).
BSL is going to verify the operating system and device drivers which are present inside the hard disk.
After getting confirmation from both signal that is POST and BSL, BIOS starts the Booting Process.

Important facts about BIOS.
As we know BIOS is very essential components of MOTHERBOARD and BIOS replacement is very costly effort if BIOS tampers.  
Every electronic and electrical product contains BIOS-ROM to operate that device.
There are two types of BIOS-ROM is present

  • EEPROM- Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory(we can change). 
  • EPROM - Electronic Programmable Read only memory(we can't change).

BIOS-ROM is a programmable IC where manufacture will only write once and can not be altered after once written.

We have another very important component called Bridges.
we have two type of bridge in MOTHERBOARD

  • North Bridge
  • South Bridge
North Bridge:- It is an IC which is located nearer to the processor and it shares the burden of the processor and acts like a co-processor to the main processor. it i very useful when you give continue instruction to the processor or working on more than on application at a time. It equally shares the load and produce the appropriate result.

South Bridge:-  It is an IC which is located nearer to the extension slot and it shares the burden of the extension slots. if your MOTHERBOARD using all extension ports or slots then they need south bridge to handle load and balance equally.

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