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What is Active Directory Domain Services and Purpose of Active Directory Domain Services by NetworkingGeeks

What is Active Directory Domain Services(AD DS)

The Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Database stores information of user identity, computer, groups, services, and resources. Active Directory domain services also hosts services that authenticate user account and computer accounts when they log on to the domain.
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Purpose Of AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services):
  • It Provides User logon and authentication services using KERBEROS protocol.
  • To Centralized and DE-Centralized the resource management.
  • To Centrally organize and manage user accounts, computer groups, network resources.
  • Enable authorized users to easily locate network resources.
What are the Requirements to Install AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services).

  • The System should have Server OS (Operating System).
  • System should be in WORKGROUP model.
  • The system should must have STATIC IP address.
  • The Hard Disk Or Local Disk Partition should be in NTFS(New Technology File System) format.
  • DNS(Domain Name System) is required.
The above LISTED ALL THE REQUIREMENTS SHOULD MUST BE AVAILABLE THERE IN THE SYSTEM THEN ONLY WE CAN INSTALL  Active Directory Domain Name. I would like to clear one thing about AD DS. The active Directory Domain services is previously known as Active Directory and later named as ADDS. 


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