Saturday, 4 March 2017

Understanding Of Data Defination Language in Oracle

Understanding Of Data Defination Language. Data Defination Language is one of the sub Language of SQL Language. In previous post i have describe all sub language of sql. Now in this post i am going to explain about Data Defination Language. This Language is specially designed to define Database objects such as TABLE, VIEWS,STORED PROCEDURE, FUNCTION and TRIGGER e.t.c.
A Data Defination Language is pre-defined syntax for describing data.

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DATA DEFINATION LANGUAGE enables you  to perform such operation on database.
CREATE, ALTER and DROP scheema objects
GRANT and REVOKE privildges and ROLEs
Analyze information on a TABLE, INDEX, or CLUSTER
Establshing auditing options
Add conmments to DATA DICTONARY

DDL(Data Defination Language) are as follows:

  • ALTER:
  • DROP:

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