Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How to Make Money with Chitika Ad Publisher (Alternative of Google Adsense)

How to Make Money with Chitika Ad Publisher (Alternative of Google Adsense)
Hello Friends, This is sunny kumar. In this post we are going to discuss the alternative ads publisher. As we know that the Google Adsense is one of the best way to monetize our blog or websites but what happen when it is not active or unable to work with adsense. you may think that you have no way to monetize your blog or website. Listen here, don't get panic there are lots of way to monetize our site and the one and another ads publisher like google adsense is chitika. Chitika is an Ad publisher and will provide you custom code that you have to put on website or blog. In this blog i will provide you the link where you can register for chitika and start earning money. Chitika will approve your website or blog and start showing Ads according to content. Let me tell you one another very important point about this marketing. The major point about website marketing is Content,  It plays vital role. Your website content should not be duplicate and less. Try to post 500 to 600 words content on each post.

Make sure that your content is optimized and user can easily understand you content or like what you want to express, they can easily get. Chitika or any ads publishing network will check that how much time user is spending their time on you website. So It is most important part of Ad marketing.

Now Let's talk about some another point of chitika. Its signup process is too simple, just in few minutes you can complete this process. It will provide a dashboard where you can manage you every details, you can find different kind of Ad code, banner, Latest tweet about chitika or the domain list. yo can withdraw your earned money when it reaches to $10. In Case of Adsense you have to wait till money reaches to $100. You can add any number of websites or earn unlimited money. so, hurry up guys don't waste waste your time grab the opportunity, monetize your website or blog and convert your passion into profit with chitika. Click on the below banner and signup today and start earning from tomorrow. Learning from earning will always find a better way to convert website traffic into revenue. All the best.


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