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How to Install Windows Server 2012 Step by Step With Picture by NetworkingGeeks

How to Install Windows Server 2012 Step by Step With Picture.
Hello friends, today i am going to show you How to Install Windows Server 2012 Step by Step With Picture notation. This is our very first post of MCSE. MCSE is associated with Microsoft Certified Solution Expert and here we will learn how to client computers. The main and very important topic of MCSE is Active Directory that is now changed as Active Directory Domain Services. So all these things will take up in next coming post. For this post we will show you screen shot of installing windows Server 2012 that is damm easy and it looks like normal windows Operating System Installation. Here we go How to Install Windows Server 2012 Step by Step With Picture.

Step 1: Insert the windows server 2012 DVD or Boot-able Flash Drive and turn on your computer. Enter into BIOS setup and change the priority order of boot drive which you have inserted and hit the save and exit button.

Step 2: Press any key from keyboard under 4 sec. otherwise your previous OS will going to be start.

Step 3:Click on The Install Now Button

Step 4: Select the Windows Server 2012 Flavor. It is recommended to choose Standard Edition with GUI Installation if you are using 1st time to Windows Server.

Step 5: You are asked to accept the license agreements terms. Select the check box labeled with I accept the license terms and then click Next.

Step 6: You will see two option called Upgrade or custom install. if You have previous version on Windows server and want to upgrade select Upgrade. If You are installing first time windows Server on Your machine then select Custom Install according to figure.

Step 6: Select the disk on which you want to install Windows Server 2012 and then click Next. After this step it will take few minutes and your PC may restart twice or thrice so, take a break and wait for completion.

Step 7: Provide Username and Strong Password to PC for Authentication and security point of view. 

Step 8: you will see a clean desktop in your PC. To locate icons on your desktop, just drag your mouse cursor to top most section of left corner.

Step 9: Go To Start and Type "icons" in search box. Click on setting and check yes to boxes which icons you want to on your desktop.

This is the installation part of How to Install Windows Server 2012 and we shown Step by Step With some Pictures. Hope you will understand this concept easily. In next Post of MCSE Part i will deal some theory part of it. Please comment and follow our blog for latest updates.
Thank you Smartyy Sunn(SmartiesGeeks)

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