Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to Install Python Software on windows Operating System

Installation Steps for python Software:

Download required Python 2.7.11 or else you can download latest version Software from the following website
You can see features list and comparison of different version here. so before downloading just go through the features comparison and select latest version that will full fill your requirment.

Click of the downloaded installer file:

Next window you will get:

Click on run:

You can check it out according to need. if you want to install python for user basics the select single user option, otherwise install for all user.

Select or browse path where you want to install python software.

you can customize python software features here. But it's good to install completely for practice.
after this window you will see two quick window just click next and run.

 Here we completed the installation part.

Guys we saw how we can install python software on windows machine. we have shared screenshots with so you can also install python software easily. Don't forget to comment and subscribe my blog.
Thank you(Smartyy Sunny