Sunday, 12 March 2017

Computer Networking Introduction Part1 by NetworkingGeeks

What is Network?

Physical connectivity between two or more than two devices to form a group is comes under network.We are using physical media or wireless media to connect one device to another device. ex- wireless media,cable. We can say, this definition focusing on Computer Network. As we know that network is is using in each and everywhere. In general, Network is an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. The another definition of Network is a group or system of interconnected people or things. The last definition is more suitable and has a better meaning.

What is Networking?

Initially we saw about Network, Networking is all about the communication establishment in the created network. It means Creating communication between interconnected devices so they can share information to one another.For Establishment of communication among devices we need a communication channel or media. To communicate with all connected devices we are using networking devices like Router. Router is a way to communicates with all computing resources or devices.

What is Inter networking?
This something important and pretty interesting to know about that. Inter Networking is used to establish communication between two or more different Local Area Network from different geographical area. And this kind of communication is called Inter Networking. 
Let's see an example of Inter networking.
We have a Local Area Network in Hyderabad city and another Local area Network is located in London. And our requirement is to provide communication between these to branches. So, this kind of communication establishment is called as Inter Networking.

We have started learning Computer Networking so, we must have awareness of basic requirements of Networking or we have to understand the terminology. 

Basic Requirement Of a Network:
NIC: Network Interface Card: A network interface card is a circuit board or card that is installed in a computer machine so that it can be connected to a network. A network interface card provides the computer with a dedicated, full-time connection to a network.
  • DEVICES: we are using some devices in computer networking is HUB, SWITCHES, Systems, Routers.
  • MEDIA: Cables, Cooper Media, Fiber Optics, Wireless.
  • PROTOCOLS: TCP/IP Protocol.
  • TOPOLOGy: It is an architecture or design of network. BUS, STAR, RING, MESH or more.
Note: IP address is used to uniquely identify a computer system in a group.

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