Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fundamentals Of Computer Hardware

Hello Guys, welcome back to my new post labeled with "Fundamentals of Computer Hardware". In this post we will see the different parts of physical devices and also we will gather information. Hardware is very essential part in computer. A Physical Component of a Device is called as Hardware. you can also find other good definition by doing google. A hardware element to which we can touch and sense. before starting About the hardware part , first we will see the abbreviation of COMPUTER.

C- Commonly
O- Operating
M- Machine
P- Particlarly
U- Used
T- Technology
E- Education
R - Research

Monday, 27 February 2017

List Of Python Features

Python have lots of feature that make it more powerful language, so lets take a look of some features:

Simple and Easy to Learn:
  • -The syntax of the python language are very simple
  • - Anybody can remember the Python language syntax, rule and regulations very easily
  • - By developing the python program or application programmers need to focus on the syntax
  • - Instead of focusing on syntax the can focus on the business logic implementation
  • -The elegant syntax of the python language makes the people to learn Python in easiest manner.
  • - Without having any other programming language Knowledge directly anybody can learn Python Language.
  • -the simple and powerful syntax of the Python Language makes the programmer to express their business logic in less line of code.
  • - because of simple feature of Python language project development cost, development time and maintenance cost will become less.

Introduction of Python

What is Python?

Python is a powerful and general purpose programming language developed by the guido van rossum in 1989.

Guido van rossum developed python language at mathematical research institute called 'CWI' that is located in Netherlands.

Guido developed python language by taking the different language features like

  • Procedure oriented programming language---> C
  • Object Oriented Programming Language----> C++, Java
  • Scripting Language--->Sheell Script, Perl
  • Modular programming Language---> modula-3

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Can Java Program Execute Without main() Method?

Guys we are going to discuss a very important topic called "Can Java Program Execute Without main() Method?". This question always asked by interviewer in Interview room. Lots of contradiction is happening, Some are saying "yes it is possible " and some are saying "it's not possible". Here we will go with practical, But before that let me clear one points. If you have higher version of java (java7+) then this program will execute.
class StaticMainTest
static{         // static block executes before main() method...
int a=8;
int b=9;
int c=a+b;
System.out.println("Sum of a and b :"+c);