Thursday, 26 January 2017

Interview Preparation Tips & Tricks

Preparing for technical round Interview is bit different from all other interviews. It totally shows your working ability and dedication for technology, problem solving ability and Technical skills. Here, few things are listed that can help you to prepare yourself better.

Research: Find out what the company is looking for and prepare accordingly. For this you can look in to the products or projects the company is currently working on, the eligibility criteria posted for candidates etc.

Study: Once you know the requirements of the company, refresh your knowledge of the related fields. If you are invited for the interview, you can assume that that some or all of the requirements of company are mentioned in your resume. Put special focus on the skills or technologies that you have mentioned in your resume and that you think the company would be most interested in.

Cover Strengths and Weaknesses: You should focus on your strengths and cover your weaknesses. You should have at least a general understanding of most of the technologies used in the industry but focus on one or more technology or skill about which you can answer any question asked. Also, there are some concepts which are common in a particular industry. For example, in software industry the concepts of data structure and object oriented programming is same regardless of the programming language or platform. You should have thorough knowledge of all these.

Rehearse: Rehearsal can be a powerful tool in preparing for any interview. It boosts your confidence and helps you identify critical weaknesses in both your knowledge and presentation skills. It also acts as a sanity check and lets you know where you are as compared to where you think you are. Create a list of expected questions based on your research of company and job requirements and ask friend to act the part of interviewer. Do not expect good results from the first trail but do this again and again, with different questions if possible, till you feel comfortable about facing the real interview.

Appearance: Appearance is not as critical for technical round of interviews as it is for other types of interviews but as it requires very little effort and can be a deciding factor or last straw, you should put some effort in it as well. If possible inquire beforehand about the apparel expected of the candidates, and unless, the company has a strict casual policy, choose a formal dressing. A good appearance shows that you are sincere about the job and boosts your own confidence as well. Plan and prepare the clothes you are going to wear in advance in order to avoid last minute confusion and delays.

Expected Questions: You should create a list of expected questions and prepare their answers in advance. Although these should not appear rehearsed or readymade. The questions can fall in to several categories, such as :

Technical Questions: These are simple questions related to your field. For example, what are the differences between polymorphism, overloading and overriding? For these you should create a list of expected questions and prepare their answers. You can also get such lists with answers online.

Behavioral Questions: The philosophy behind these questions is that the past behavior of a person is the best indicator of his/her future performance. You will be asked to recall specific instances where you are faced with a certain situation and how did you face them. For example, the interviewer may ask you about what did you do when a dead line was not met or when project requirement changed during development. When answering such questions you should stick to the truth as far as possible and select instances that highlight your good performance.

Problem Solving: These questions are designed to test your technical knowledge, creativity, as well as intelligence. You are given an imaginary or real world problem and asked to find the solution. To prepare for such questions I would suggest you to keep your tools (various skills and concepts related to your domain) sharp and practice solving similar test problems. Also, while solving such problems keep your mind open and look for a simple and short solution first. If you think the problem is too complex to be solved within the time limit, it's most likely you are missing something
The pattern and details of any technical interview vary greatly, based on the industry and the job for which the interview is being taken, but the above tips are valid for most, if not all of them.

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