Sunday, 27 November 2016

Why Public Static Void Main in JAVA ?

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This is Sunny from SmartiesGeeks. Today we found a very important topic where getting problems. They are unable to clear doubts. So here we come with a point "Why Public Static Void Main in Java". Let's deal some aspects of this point that will sure clear your doubts.

public static void main(String[] arg){}

In the above statement public static void main(String[] arg){} is prototype that is provided by JVM. This main() method is given to programmer to write their program execution flow logic like which class they are going to load first, which method execution requires at first.  So,by using main() method we are requesting to JVM , hy!!!! jvm you start my program execution in the given fashion.

How To Reverse An String Without Using Array

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Today We are going to take an example of "How To Reverse An String Without Using Array and objects". Genarally you will find lots of Program that will show using Array and other objects, but if you use array and objects that will take much memory spaces. So Here We will see without creating different objects or without using array.

class ReverseStringWithoutCreatingAnyObject

Saturday, 26 November 2016

How To Create Triangle In Java

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Today we came with new programming problem and solution. It is always problem for students to form a structure in programming language. "How To Create Triangle In Java"  or "Write a program to make a Triangle" requires Lot of Logical skills. 

It is all about of managing loops and conditions in such a fashion. So, Here We are Writing A program That will Form a Triangle.