Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Immutable Objects in Python

All the Fundamental data types represents the objects are immutable objects.Immutable means once object is created with some values or content, latter can not be modified. If we try to modify the content of the immutable objects, without modifying the content of those objects, it will create either new object or it will give an error message. If two fundamental data types represented variables are assigned with some data then internally those variable points the same objects. 

Number System in Python With Example

There are four number systems in mathematics

1.    Binary Number system
The base or radix of the binary number system is two(2)
The possible digits that are used in binary number system are o & 1
we can assign binary number to a variable by using prefix of 'ob'


Monday, 3 April 2017

What is File Server Resource Management in Windows Server 2012?

File Server Resource Management  is intended to act as a capacity Management Solution for your Windows Server 2012. File Server Resource Management Provides a robust set of tools and capabilities that allows you to effectively manage and monitor your server's storage capacity.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Global Catalog, Sites in Windows Server 2012 by NetworkingGeeks?

Global Catalog

  • The Global Catalog comes under Multi Master Operation Role that contains Complete information of Host Domain and the Partial Information of the Other Domain  in a Forest. 
  • By searching against Global Catalog, Individual domains do not have to be queried in most cases Global Catalog can resolve. 
  • Servers that holds the copy of Global Catalog are called as Global Catalog Server.  

What is Operation Master by NetworkingGeeks ?

There are five operations master roles are assigned automatically when the first domain controller in a given domain is created. Two forest-level roles are assigned to the first domain controller created in a forest and three domain-level roles are assigned to the first domain controller created in a domain.
List Of Operation Master listed below:
  • Naming Master
  • Schema Master
  • RID Master
  • PDC Master
  • Infrastructure Master
Naming Master: Naming Master Operation Role checks and maintains the uniqueness of the Domain Names in the whole Forest. It is responsible for adding, removing and renaming the domain names in the whole Forest.

Schema Master: Schema Master Operation Role defines Set of Rules which is used to define the Structure of Active Directory. The Schema Master Contains definitions of all the Objects which are stored in Active Directory. 
Schema is further classified into two Parts:
Classes : Class is a Template which is used to create an object an object.
Attributes : Attributes are called Property of an Object.

RID (Relative Identifier) Master: RID Master assigns unique IDs (RIDs) to the Objects which are created in the Domain. It allocates Pool of Relative IDs to all domain controllers within a Domain.

PDC (Primary Domain Controller) Emulator : PDC Emulator acts as a PDC for windows NT 4.0 BDC's (Backup Domain Controller) in the Domain. It process all password updates for clients and Receives immediate updates from the other domain controllers when a user's password is changed or updated. It synchronized time between the domain controllers within a Domain.

Infrastructure Master : Infrastructure Master maintains an updates the universal group membership information. It is basically used for Inter - domain operation.

All these Operation Master Roles Comes under FSMO Roles (Flexible Single Master Operation) All these Roles are comes under to major part i,e.
Forest Wide Role:
  • Naming Master
  • Scheema Master

Domain Wide Role:

  • RID Master
  • PDC Emulator
  • Infrastructure Master
All of the listed roles we have discussed in the above article. 
Thank you(Smartyy Sunny)